Were you involved in a truck collision? There is no question that any kind of motor vehicle accident can be devastating, however collisions with trucks can be absolutely catastrophic. A collision with a truck presents a variety of complicated practical and legal obstacles. Immediately following the collision, we report to the scene of the accident and gather all available evidence in order to gain a better understanding of what caused the truck driver to injure our clients. We hire all appropriate experts and begin recreating the collision to better understand how the failure to the trucking company and/or truck driver caused the subject collision. In our investigation we may learn that it was a distracted truck driver, or a driver who is on the roadways in violation of the maximum allowable hours of service that is the cause of the collision. Other times, however, our investigation reveals that the trucking company failed to maintain their truck in proper working order or failed to adequately train their driver. Once we have completed our investigation, we are ready to take on the insurance company and to put you in a position to obtain maximum financial compensation.

No matter the excuse concocted by the insurance company or the trucking company, we will fight to get the truth! All of our consultations are absolutely free of any charge. Call us today!